Makfa. Pilaf


Pork – 1 kg
MAKFA long grain polished — 1 kg
Onion — 1 kg
Carrot — 1 kg
Vegetable oil — 1 cup
Garlic — 1 clove
Herbs- to taste (for pilaf)
Salt — to taste

Wash and cut the meat (bigger — more juicy). Carrots cut into strips, onion — half rings along.
Heat the oil to smoke. It must be really hot, splashing at the slightest contact with the other ingredients.
Gently lay the meat portions, holding in his left hand cover, each time closing yourself with it from splashes.

Cover and simmer until the moment when the oil becomes transparent (not subtracting the fire). After — lay the vegetables. Once the vegetables are slightly ready — add herbs.

Add the rice to the meat with vegetables, not stirring. Pour boiling water for 1.5 finger above the rice. And attention, put the fire on the highest point.

Once all the water boils away — lay inside a garlic peeled only from the top of a shaggy husk. Now put the smallest fire, from time to time piercing with a wooden stick and pouring a little water on the bottom to pilaf does not get burn.

Stew about 30 Minutes until the rice is ready. Delicious pork pilaf is ready!


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